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Our batterybikekit.com is a new company in ebike kit and LiFePo4 /NCM battery, Lithium ion battery, eBike Kit and Accessories  & Tactical and Hunting  Accessories, Sports and Outdoors . We are a branch of Electric Vehicle Power System Technology Co., Ltd (EVPST). After half year's preparing, We started our business in May 2012. Though, all of the suppliers of our ebike kits, parts and accessories we selected are our business partners. They are well known in their industry with their excellent quality. We believe that we have complement each other's advantages. So we can supply our customers with high quality DIY ebike kit, parts, accessories and battery systems.So we founded this batterybikekit.com

We are committed to provide our customers with High quality, safe and reliable, and cost efficiency of electric bicycle kit and accessories and Tactical and Hunting  Accessories, Sports and Outdoors. More choices here at our BatteryBikeKit store.
Welcome to BatteryBikeKit.com online store ,We will be your most desirable  personal DIY ebikt  kit Consultant & supplier, with the best cost performnance and excellent produsts quality. 
High-Quality, Safety, Cost-efficient
Healthy, Environment-friendly, Low-carbon, Pleasurable
Batterybike our life style
Our seasonal promotion, Thanksgiving Day promotion, will start from 1stNovember, 2014. In order to express our heartfelt thanks to you, each of our dear custoemrs. We can save 5~30 % of money for you on our online shop, batterybikekit.com
At the time of integrating resources of our supplier, shipping , and ourselves, We have optimized our purchasing system, sales and shipping system.
We can save 5~30 % of money for each of our customers (price preference + shipping freight).
For example,
if you buy 1 set of ebike kit ,TS-36V250W the total costs will be $147.80+$166.40=$314.20/set (costs of kit+Freight 166.40 for a single kit, 5kg)
While if you buy this kit according to our product mix, 5sets for each order, the total costs will be $1184.50=$236.90x5 (236.90/set). The freight is only $89.10/set (about 5kg).

And for more details of faster and convenient offline goods transportation method, please feel free to contact us. 
For more details, please visit our online shop batterybikekit.com
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