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Rule 1

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Haulage time : about 3~5 working days by DHL 

Goods Delivery: Drop ship , Door to Door transportation service, free of troubles of customs clearance and taking delivery of goods. 

At present,we get considerable freight discount only from DHL. It is 20~30% off (Details please see our shipping freight  form).It depends on the region you located and the weight of the goods you ordered. So we recommend you DHL at present. But we are also negotiating with other shipping forwarder say UPS, Fedex,and EMS.

We strive to find a batter and a more reasonable and suitable logistic solution for you. And we will open this information on our e-shop after we confirmed.

Rule 2

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Explain the glossary & Terms and conditions of use:

1, About Motor & Ebike kit

FWD means Front-wheel Drive; RWD means Rear Wheel Drive.

''Drive and Freewheel type''

If your ebike will be a FWD ebike, then the “Drive and Freewheel type” is Front

If your ebike will be a RWD ebike, then you need to confirm the Freewheel type: 1s/ 6s/ 7s/ or 8s/ and the open size in the column of “Drive and Freewheel type”

''Open Size''

It means the Rear Fork size of your bike frame and or the Size of Front fork. It is the Opening width of the Rear /Front Fork.

You can select our motor and or the ebike kit according to this Open size. If the Open size of our motor is 100mm for FWD / 135mm for RWD) motor or ebike kit, Then the open size of your Front / Rear Fork should not be less than 100mm (and or 135 or 136m). Or else you cannot mount the motor or ebike kit onto your bike frame.

So when you order our motor or ebike kit, you just need to fill in the following form (you can see it at right-bottom of our products) according to the design of your own ebike and save it. And then add it to the shopping cart. You will find the parameters required to fill in below “Tech. Sheet” or “Tech. Description”.

''Hall Sensor(Y/N) ''

Motor is with hall sensor? Yes or No is according to your own design of your ebike. With Hall sensor, your ebike can achieve 0 Start; without hall sensor, you can start your ebike in assistant mode

Integrate Speed Sensor & PAS (Y/N) ,Twist Grip Throttle/Speed regulator(Y/N)

According to the design of your ebike you can just choose one of them. And you can also choose of both of them. You just need to fill in the form with Y/N correspondingly.

    Open size (mm):*

    Freewheel type:*

    Hall Sensor(Y/N):*

    Integrate Speed Sensor & PAS (Y/N):*

    Brake Type (V/Disc):*

    Twist Grip Throttle/ Speed regulator (Y/N):*

    Size of Rim (inch.):*

And then we will process your order according to your customized requirements. And we will supply you with Complete in the true sense ebike motor and ebike kit. 

2, Charger:

Input AC Voltage (V)

It means the Residents power voltage in AC. What is the voltage of it? 90V,110V, 220V or 240V.

Battery type

It means what kind of material of the battery you use for your ebike? You just need to fill in the column with your battery is LiFePo4, LiMn2O4, Li(NiCoMn)O2, LiCoO2 or Lead Acid battery?

No. of the battery in Series (Or battery voltage):*

It means how many battery cells in series of your battery system? 4S, 6S, 8S, 12S, 16S, 24S or others? Or just fill in the column with the nominal voltage of your battery system.

After you fill in this form and save it and add it to the shopping cart. We will supply you with the customized charger.

Input AC Voltage (V):*

Battery Type:*

No. of the battery in Series (Or battery Nominal voltage V):*  

Rule 3 Buyer protection

Here is the rule 3 content

·         Full Refund if you don't receive your order

·         Full or Partial Refund , if the item is not as described

·         Returns accepted if product not as described, buyer pays return shipping fee; or keep the product & agree refund with seller. 


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