• 3.2v50Ah LiFePo4 polymer battery cell

 3.2v50Ah LiFePo4 polymer battery cell


1. Nominal voltage:3.2v

2. Capacity:50Ah

3. Impedance(mΩ):≤2mΩ; AC, 1kHz, at 50% SOC 

4. Max. Continuous Discharge: 1.0C(50A);Pulse DischargeRate: 2C (100A)for 5sec.

5. Max. charge current: 0.5C (25A) 

6. Upper limit charge  voltage: 3.65v; Cutoff voltage: 2.0v

7. Charge method: CC/CV

 8. External Dimension(mm):11x192x318mm 

9. 4000cycles with DOD at 80%

10. Weight: 1.2kg

Packing: Carton  

Suitable for Solar/wind energy storage, UPS, mobile energy storage system, telecom backup battery system system …

EVPST-ES11192318-3.2v50Ah LiFePo4 polymer battery, 3.2V50Ah LiFePo4 battery

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3.2v50Ah LiFePo4 polymer battery cell

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